Railways EP

by Cass Hoke

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released October 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Cass Hoke Columbus, Ohio

tunes! kinda!

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Track Name: No Telepathy (why can't you read minds)
i'm not perfect
i can't help it
when the things i do and say don't make no sense
but you're not even trying
to bridge the distance
to learn to comprehend
you can call me stubborn, stoic,
static while i stagnate
blacking out every night
or just past sunrise

i am human
often wrong and often blinded
by the past tense
and the brain's amazing capability
to make shit up
won't you just say for once
you understand and then shut up
sometimes i think you talk too much
and you don't even hear yourself

my apathy has turned to immobility
and i'm stuck on the couch again
and i can barely think or talk or move or breathe
or write or play or really create anything
you'll say that you don't get it or just make a sound at me
and then i'll try to break it down in pieces you can swallow
and then you'll misconstrue the metaphors and their intentions
bastardize the meaning, make me wonder why i even bother
if the people like you are like this and the majority
that explains a lot about the history of humanity
that explains why we set fire to the library
of alexandria and it's because knowledge is just kindling
Track Name: College Freshman Blues
hear those echoes down the halls
see the residue on the walls
somebody's pants and just one shoe
and they're face down in their own puke
empty beer cans bottles and more
people passed out on the floor
the aftermath of a kind of storm
only found in a college freshman dorm

you should see this mob mentality
alcohol and football on tv
fresh out of high school ready for anything
they were taught so much but they'll never learn anything

every stain has got a story
all this residue reeks of glory
it's the zenith of their lives
to drown in liquor every night
and all the other time they spend
won't come to any other end
one day they'll wake up and realize
that it was nothing
it was nothing but passing time

you should see the way those people think
you should see the way those people drink
always have a story for your friends
like the life you're living never ends
Track Name: Storm's A-Comin'
i'd say
there's a storm coming in so you better
close your windows
while you wait for it to begin, it's gonna
flood the city and
fill the streets
and for once the cracks in the sidewalks are gonna be clean

you'd say
that the storm's already here and it's just
thunder and lightning
that's causing all this fear and it'll
pass eventually like
all things good and bad
the storm will pass like the trains and the days and the fads

you're one step closer to the truth
it must be in one of these drops of rain
but you don't know how long it will take or if anything's coming at all
so you watch and wait
Track Name: Smoke If Ya Got 'Em
i tried to work work work work for a living
but it just ain't worth what my paycheck can buy
cos you can put a price on a cadillac or six pack
but my life ain't gonna be measured in dollar signs
i been waiting for something that's never ever gonna come by

i got a smirk smirk smirk smirk smirk that i'm wearing
cos i stapled the skin on my face to the back of my neck
now i always got a big dumb grin i can pull out
cos that's what the important social figures expect
interaction is taxing and they've come to collect

i guess i don't have any choice
my guitar is as cracked as my voice
my hands are calloused i'm losing ballast
and stumbling into fallacy

and you can talk talk talk talk talk about changing
but baby you know in this town we're a decade behind
so we'll run down the middle of the street
half blind shitfaced half naked in the city that stole our minds
it''s a prison sentence and it's only a matter of time

i was walk walk walk walk walking and thinking
about all the people who never thought twice in their life
if you can just turn your brain off at will you're probably happier
than the rest of us who can't help from thinking day and night
but there's no satisfaction in giving up the fight

my legs my feet my aching back
my hands are swollen, my hands are cracked
i'm drenched in sweat a nervous wreck
i want a cigarette
i want a cigarette
i just want a cigarette